Search Tips

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The search results list all available resources, and you can filter the resources to target those you are most interested in.
Drop-down menus: You can select one term in each area, such as Topic and Role.
Search Term field: This field searches all the fields in the resource profiles, except the date. This is why Timely Events appear first in the results.


  • The resources are not specific to areas of interest, so you do not need to search by “environment” or “veterans” , etc..
  • To search by topics, such as grant writing, use the Topic filter rather than the Keyword Search field.
  • Words in the Keyword Search field must have at least 3 characters to be counted.
  • Multiple word search:
    • You can search for them in order by just typing them in order, e.g. Association of Fundraising Professionals.
    • If you want to search for words in any order, just use “OR” in caps, e.g. finance OR accounting.