About GrantStation

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Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.

- Nelson Mandela

Why did we create the PathFinder?
GrantStation’s mission is to help level the playing field so everyone has an equitable chance at securing grant support. To that end, we want to help those of you working in the third sector find the grant funding needed to fulfill your organization’s mission. In order to help you build your grantsmanship skills, we have collected and vetted a library of resources to guide your learning.
What does the PathFinder include?
There are many resources available to learn the art of grantseeking, from books to blogs, from webinars to conferences. We research and profile selected resources, creating a library of current information for you to browse and search. These resources are updated each week, so you are always referencing the latest information.
What is the Find Your Path tool?
Do you want to create your own learning schedule? The Find Your Path tool allows you to generate a set of learning resources geared to your experience level and a specific topic of interest, such as grants management. The Find Your Path tool provides recommendations on which resources best fit your professional development needs, allowing you to generate your own customized curriculum.
How can I interact with the PathFinder?
We encourage you to rate and comment on the resources listed, once you’ve read the book, taken the webinar, attended the conference, etc. Let us, and others in the GrantStation community, know if this particular resource was of use.
We also want your ideas about possible resources to list, so you can suggest a resource here.