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This report, based on a survey of 150 program officers, provides a comprehensive collection of benchmarking data on topics ranging from the professional and educational backgrounds of program officers, to technical information about the structure of the program officer role, to program officers’ perspectives on certain aspects of their work. 

This guide covers what a nonprofit finance team needs to keep their budget up-to-date and stay focused on their mission. It includes critical components of the budget, budget review best practices, routine assessments and screenings, and budgetary milestones at six months and year’s end. 

This article explains how to develop and adopt a development committee recruitment process.

This report is a culmination of the conversations on the trends, challenges and ways in which to address the issues facing the charitable community.

This article discusses federal funding cuts to family planning and which foundations are attempting to bridge this funding gap. 

This article describes the benefits of checklists in relationship to managing nonprofit organizations, and provides information about essential nonprofit-related checklists. 

This collection of reports explores the topic of collaboration in the nonprofit sector. 

This article discusses the importance of bringing organizations together to understand what services each nonprofit is providing, identify potential gaps in service, and consider potential areas of collaboration.

This article provides answers to five common questions about launching a crowdfunding campaign. 

This article explains the difference between live and online crowdfunding, and discusses financial and legal issues related to online crowdfunding.